Paranoia Protection from Spy Android App Review

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Paranoia for Android is a security app that locks down your phone’s camera and microphone, and monitor its outgoing texts. It effectively prevents hackers and other unscrupulous people from spying on your through your phone. The app comes handy if you’re living in a country where privacy is limited at best. You can download Paranoia: Protection from spy app for $1.40 from Google Play Store.


Paranoia for Android has three major anti-spy features. One, it could turn off any type of sound recording going on behind scene without the user’s knowledge. This feature prevents the microphone from working and thereby preempts the possibility of someone eavesdropping. The second one is the ability to turn off the camera of your phone, therein protecting the user from photos being clicked without his/her permission. The third one prevents any possible SMS spying. Paranoia app for Android keeps track of all messages sent from your mobile device, even if it does not show up in your messages list. So users could know if their phone is sending out something under the radar.

Paranoia Protection from Spy Android App

Users have the option to white list select apps so that they’re not trolled by Paranoia. So if you are sure about the behavior of a particular app, you can add it to white list and get exception from monitoring. Users must note that in some phones, Paranoia app for Android must be removed first from the system administrator list before uninstalling other apps. The UI of Paranoia for Android has a clean and uncluttered layout. It is simplistic as well. The green, yellow and red color scheme looks good, while the font is easy to read. The icons are easy to find and understand, and the options/settings menu is easily discernible. Paranoia requires Android OS 4.2+.


Paranoia for Android could provide the protective layer against hackers and third party attempts to surreptitiously listen to your mobile phone communication. It effectively prevents SMS spying, eavesdropping and camera clicking pictures without user knowing about it. The bottom-line is that with the app installed, you can breathe easy knowing that your device will be locked down against such attempts. You can add your favorite and trusted apps in white list so that the app does not block them. The UI is uncluttered and minimalistic. The app is also stable. Check it out if you suspect any hacking attempts are made in your phone.

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