deGeo Camera iPhone App Review

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When you click photos using your iPhone, your exact location coordinates is also saved for each of those pictures. This comes handy to find out your exact location while clicking a particular photo at a later date. But the same could be a security risk if you’re sharing them in Facebook or Twitter. Who knows? Simply posting a cute photo of your pet online could potentially lead some stalker right to your front door! Here is an app – deGeo Camera for iPhone – that let you remove the geotags associated with your photos before posting them in SNS. You can get deGeo Camera – Photos Without Geotags app for $0.49 from iTunes App Store.


When you first launch deGeo Camera app for iPhone, it’ll ask permissions to access your images. First time users can go through the tutorial to know more about the app. You can check if a photo has coordinate metadata by simply swiping to the left. Doing so will reveal a map showing your coordinates, date/time stamps and a location name. If an image happens to have no geotag data, you won’t see a pin marking indicating the spot on which the picture was snapped. You also have the option to save a copy of the metadata free image if you don’t wish to share it immediately. Simply swipe down or click on the share button to share the images. Swiping up will let you to select another picture or alternatively, you can tap the Choose an Image button.

deGeo Camera iPhone App Review

By swiping to the right on screen, you’ll be shown a menu from where you can load the image you last clicked. Alternatively, shake your iPhone to load the last clicked photo. Tapping a photo will display it in full-screen while swiping in any direction takes you out of the mode.
After removing the metadata, you can double-check if the app had indeed done its job by opening the image, just to make sure. In our tests, it turned out that the photos had not trace of any location data, making it impossible to deduce whether it was clicked using an iPhone or an Android phone. The app requires iOS 7.0 or later.


deGeo Camera app for iPhone let you easily and instantly delete all location metadata from photos before sharing it in Facebook, Twitter or email. Its intuitive interface with gesture based controls is easy to use. You also have the option to save a copy of the metadata stripped photo in your iPhone. The tutorial comes handy to first time users. It is also reasonably priced for the features the app brings to the table. We recommend this app to anyone who tends to post lots of photos in SNS routinely.

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