Monument Valley Android Game App Review

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Monument Valley app for Android has seen lots of download, and you’ll realize why as soon as you play the game yourself. The experience is captivating, to say the least. The game is about surreal exploration through a world of fantastic architecture and impossible geometry. You can get Monument Valley game for $3.99.


You begin Monument Valley Android game app with a silent white-robed princess, faced with an Escher-like construction, having her path blocked. Yes, the game has a series of Escher paintings come to life. Your task is to manipulate the puzzling stairs and walkways so that the silent princess could be guided to her goal. The game play is simple; just tap on the spot the princess could walk to. If a path is available, she’ll start moving. Else, she will stay put. Usually, getting her from point A to B (say) requires rotating or raising a part of the environment. But at times, other obstacles also get in the way. Of course, the levels are designed to confuse you. But these optical illusions do not have to make physical sense to serve as successful paths for the princess to traverse.

Monument Valley Android Game App

Monument Valley game for Android is pretty short. You won’t take more than an hour or two to complete the game. But such short span means things just don’t have time to grow stale. The game itself is highly polished and refreshingly engaging. It is a pity that certain beautiful game play mechanics appear only once. The game does not have any voice-overs (but an occasional dialogue or two) or great sound effects. But still it feels good to play the game with your speakers/headphones on. The game play is challenging as you progress. Monument Valley signs in using Google+ and supports cloud saves. The game requires Android OS 2.3.3+.


In Monument Valley for Android, you’ll manipulate impossible architecture and guide a silent princess through a stunningly beautiful world. The game is well crafted and provides an exhilarating gaming experience. The best part is that you can play the entire game in less than two hours. Since many game play mechanics appear only once, things don’t get monotonous easily. Integration with cloud save allows you to synchronize your game across all your devices. To sum it up, a perfect for casual gamers and experienced console expats alike. Also, it is a game that is not sustained by annoying ads.

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