Deliveries Package Tracker iPhone App Review

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There are quite a few package tracking apps available for the iPhone. It goes beyond saying that these apps really make our lives simpler. However, a lot of people complain that such apps are a bit hard to figure out. This is where the Deliveries app for iPhone stands out from the rest. Let us take a closer look at Deliveries app and see how it helps you to get more from your mail delivery.

Managing Mail Deliveries with Ease

If you get a lot of packages through courier, then Deliveries Package Tracker for iPhone is just the right app for you. In the home screen itself, you would get details about the deliveries that are to be made as well as a countdown to the date of delivery. You can tap on a particular delivery and get more information. You can track the package on a map. The app also allows you to store the dates to your calendar and you can even share the details of your package. Deliveries supports a large number of delivery services like FedEx, UPS,USPS, DHL, TNT, Royal Mail and the likes.

Deliveries Package Tracker iPhone App Review

App Highlights

All your delivery information in one place
Apple Watch and Mac OSX support
Comes with iCloud and proprietary June Cloud Sync.


Deliveries Package Tracker for iPhone makes managing courier packages a lot more efficient. Whether you receive a single package in months or multiple packages in a single day, this is really an app that you can use. So, install the app and get all the information at your fingertips.

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