PCalc – Best Calculator iPhone App Review

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Tools have powered human progress. There are some tools that might be small in size, simple to use, but have a significant impact in shaping the world as we know it. One such thing is the calculator. It is not only the students and the common man, who need the calculator for carrying out tasks like addition and subtraction. Engineers, scientists and other professionals, too, need the calculator for carrying out sophisticated calculations. Now, the iPhone might have a calculator but it is inadequate for such tasks. This is where you need PCalc- Best Calculator app for iPhone.

Carry Out Complex Calculations in Your iPhone

PCalc for iPhone is designed for people who want to carry out sophisticated mathematical calculations. That’s why the app can carry out almost any kind of calculation that the most advanced calculator can do. From trigonometric functions to logarithm to rounding off numbers, PCalc can do everything. It supports hexadecimal, binary and octal calculations. It comes with multi-line display and an optional RPN mode. You can choose a button layout that is suitable for you and also use the paper tape feature for accurate measurements. The app costs $9.99 to download from iTunes.

PCalc Best Calculator iPhone App Review

App Highlights

Highly Advanced calculations
Apple watch support
Easy to use and configure according to preferences


If you are a professional or even an advanced student, then PCalc – Best Calculator app for iPhone is a great alternative for your inadequate calculator on your smart phone. The app looks and feels like a real calculator. So, install the app today and make calculations easier.

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