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DetailsPro UI Design Tool for iPhone is a premium design software that is simple to use for new designers and app developers, strong enough for professionals, and the most convenient method to explore with SwiftUI. DetailsPro sets the bar for the next generation of design tools, and it’s available on iPad and iPhone with deep integration into all of iOS, iPadOS, and SwiftUI’s newest capabilities. The app’s main goal is to allow anyone to develop SwiftUI interfaces without having to write any code. Using an iPhone or iPad, developers may conceive and design the main design of a new SwiftUI app. DetailsPro has a simple and straightforward interface modelled after Apple’s Shortcuts programme, allowing us to quickly add and rearrange graphic components.

UI Design Tool

We don’t need to develop a non-functional mockup in other application like Photoshop because the app creates a SwiftUI code for each piece added to the canvas. Everything we make in DetailsPro for iPhone is a SwiftUI project ready to go. Color changes, corner radius, opacity, shadows, typefaces, alignment, and other custom settings are available to developers and designers. When we’re finished, we can export the complete design project as SwiftUI code, which we can then import into Xcode. Text, colours, and spacings all obey the real system values since DetailsPro employs true SwiftUI views and quality design components right from the human interface principles. If we set our device to dark mode, our design will be rendered in dark mode as well.

DetailsPro UI Design Tool iPhone App

Create SwiftUI On The Go

DetailsPro iPhone app is a SwiftUI shortcut that takes us straight to our design idea. We don’t need to create a project on our computer, learn to code, or configure anything. DetailsPro provides a simple and lightweight method to get started experimenting right away. DetailsPro’s design components are all live, realtime SwiftUI that are being built to our exact specifications. Import a picture once in DetailsPro and reuse it across all of our projects. The iCloud account syncs our media library in a secure manner. We may use pictures, custom messages, SF Symbols, and other things. All text modifiers like kerning, lineHeight, font, fontWeight, and effects modifiers like colorMultiply, opacity, and so on, as well as effects modifiers like colorMultiply, opacity, and so on. The app is free to download from iTunes but the usage is quite limited. One can opt for monthly subscription for $1.99 or yearly fee of $9.99. One-Time Purchase costs $29.99.

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