SkyView Explore the Universe Android App Review

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SkyView – Explore the Universe for Android is an educational astronomy software that overlays our view of the sky onto our camera view using our location. Planets, stars, constellations, and satellites are enlarged so that we can “see” where they are at all times of the day and night. We may read a variety of details about objects and monitor their journey across the sky by tapping on them. After that, the app will show us how to use its features and calibrate our smartphone. When we first start the app, we’ll see a night sky overlaid on top of our surroundings. Mode of the Night Use red or green night mode filters to protect our night vision.

Explore the Universe

Use your camera to detect things in the sky at any time of day or night using augmented reality (AR). Paths in the Sky follow any object’s sky track to see its exact location in the sky at any time and date. Comprehensive such that thousands of stars, planets, and satellites are included, along with thousands of fascinating information. See the sky on different days and times by jumping to the future or the past. On social media, we can also record and share lovely photos with our friends and family. We may also look for things that are above the horizon and locate them by following an arrow on the screen. We may also snap pictures and movies, as well as disable the app’s music and star trajectories.

SkyView Explore the Universe Android App Review

Follow the sky track

It’s comparable to other astronomy applications in many respects, but the ability to search for an object and overlay things on our own camera view, as well as the addition of man-made satellites and their histories, are fascinating features. It might be difficult to adjust to the app’s controls at first, but once we do, we’ll be fine. As we scan the sky, find all 88 constellations as they fade in and out, as well as every planet in our solar system, faraway galaxies, and satellite fly-bys. We can set up notifications for forthcoming celestial events so we don’t miss a thing, and there’s even a time travel function that lets our journey into the past or future. The app costs $1.64 to download fromĀ  Google Play Store.

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