CodeMaster – Mobile Coding IDE iPhone App Review

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CodeMaster – Mobile Coding IDE for iPhone is a more capable tool for code reading, editing, compilation, deployment, and server administration. Support for the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Touch is a must-have feature for programmers and IT professionals. It enables cross-device transmission through WiFi, allowing you to quickly transfer files from our PC and mobile phone to the CodeMaster. It also supports editing and storing of code files in any APP on our mobile phone or on iCloud.

Powerful tool for coding

It also allows us to save modified code to a database and add comments to help with version control. Any changes can be tracked, investigated, and backed up. More than 100 languages are supported, including java, c, c++, php, c#, Python, Perl, Ruby, D, js, html, css, and javascript. It supports automated code type file recognition so that we don’t have to pick a code type; CodeMaster will launch the appropriate editor and highlight the code for us. It provides dozens of theme styles, the ability to pick our preferred theme from hundreds of options, and the ability to view themes when selecting one. More than 60 unique function menu setups are supported (such as saving the editing content to the database, code folding, code query, search, replace, etc.). It also have composable language pattern system with a lot of power (for example,can write HTML, CSS, JS, PHP one page at same time).

CodeMaster Mobile Coding IDE iPhone App

Code Editor & Compile SFTP SSH

Code auto-complete is supported, including auto-complete tags, brackets, double quotes, and so forth. Customize editor features including line number display, code folding, code read-only, label matching, and other actions. We may add the material we need to remind yourself, such as an unusual coincidence, written content, and so on, to the support code custom prompt. Automatic code word segmentation is supported. When we open the code file, it will conduct high-quality word segmentation on the code automatically. When we enter the code, the input text will immediately match the content of the word segmentation, saving the time. CodeMaster can open not just code files, but practically any file on our mobile device. Most document formats, such as office series files PPT, PDF, world, doc, and so on, are supported. Overall it has a great user interface and really help users in coding and for other activities.

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