Dictate Pro Speech to Text iPhone App Review

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Dictate Pro-Speech to Text for iPhone is an iOS platform application where instead of typing, we can dictate, record, translate, and transcribe content using speech to text technology. It is designed to convert speech to text and translate text messages using the most up-to-date speech to text voice recognition technology. We never wants to write a word, instead of that we can use our voice to dictate and interpret messages. ‘Dictate – Speech to text’ may be set up in almost any application that can send text messages. The built-in speech-to-text recognition engine is used by Dictate to identify words from speech. It has more than 40 dictation languages and also more than 40 translation languages.

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More than 40 languages are supported by Dictation – Speech to Text, including English, Deutsch, Nederlands, Dansk, Espaol, Français, Hrvatski, Italiano, Pуcски, Magyar, Norsk bokml, Polski, Português, and more. Dictate has three text zones, each of which has a separate language that may be configured in the settings. With a single click, we may switch between multiple language projects. Pushing the Translate button is all it takes to get started. In the application settings we may choose a translation target language. Then we can hit the translate button to get it translated into another language. Support file transcription is now available with Dictate. We can choose from our device’s audio files and have them transcribed into text. The speaker must be placed extremely close to the device microphone for these recordings to be successful. Dictate now allows us to save both the audio and the text transcription from our input. Dictate will add the audio to the previous recording every time we attach our text via dictation or file transcription. As a result, we will have a complete audio track of all of our dictation sessions.

Dictate Pro Speech to Text iPhone App Review

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For visually challenged users, Dictate now supports the system font size setting and provides customizable button sizes. In addition to dictation, we can manually edit our text if we want to perform some formatting or simply repair minor types. There is a Share button that allows us to rapidly transmit our dictated text messages by launching the target app, i.e. Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Flickr, Email, and any other application that can receive text from the system are all options. The text is instantly synchronised across all of our Dictate-enabled devices, including iPhone, iPad, macOS, and Apple Watch, after we activate iCloud. The app is priced $35.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

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