Diet and Food Tracker App for Android Review

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Diet and Food Tracker app for Android is a perfect tool to those busy people who does not have the time or patience to properly plan a diet plan or exercise schedule. Usually what you consume or how much you exercise can be difficult to remember over time. Diet and Food Tracker does that job for you so that you’ll always know whether you are on a strict diet or workout regime or you’re a bit slacking somewhere. Diet and Food Tracker Android app may be downloaded for $3.99 from Google Play Store.

Diet and Food Tracker App Features

Diet and Food Tracker app for Android serves up as an extension of SparkPeople website. The website is definitely feature rich, and now you got to experience the best of features of the portal in your Android device. The app provides you an option to track what foods you take and how much calories they are. It comes with a huge database of over one million food items so that you won’t have any trouble planning your diet.

Diet and Food Tracker App for Android

Diet and Food Tracker app for Android is also a fitness tracker that let you keep track of how many calories you’ve burnt. Exercise demo that shows the workout routines is a handy feature. The detailed weight and calorie report, including differential calorie report in graphical form, ensures that you got all the required data on your fingertips. The app also has a built in barcode scanner for all types of food items. Simply scan the barcode on any container and it’ll fetch you all the information about the particular food scanned.
If to point out any downside of Diet and Food Tracker Android app, it has to be the lack of options compared with its parent website. But then it is not practical to have all the features of a full-fledged portal in a small Android application. Also, the app does not have an option to include your weight goals.

Diet and Food Tracker application is compatible with Android OS versions 1.6 and upwards.


Diet and Food Tracker app for Android turns out to be quite useful in assisting your weight loss routines. It is also a fitness tracker means you can consistently keep tab of your calorie intake Vs calorie burnt relation. The inbuilt barcode scanner comes handy to check the composition of any packaged food that you might purchase. However, integration of more features from SparkPeople website would have been just perfect. Verdict: A decent diet and fitness assistance app for all fitness freaks out there.

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