V-Cut Express App for Android Review

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V-Cut Express app for Android is a video editing tool that let you chop away unwanted parts of your video and save only the essential parts. The best aspects of the app are it is light, quick and user friendly. V-Cut Express Android app can be downloaded from Google Play Store for a reasonable $0.99 per license.

V-Cut Express App Features

If you’ve already used some video cutting software, you should know the drill. Open any video from the gallery or your browser using V-Cut Express app for Android. Or you can record a new video with the camera on your device using your favorite video recording app. Now, set the start and end points of the video using the ‘scissors’ tool. You can fine tune by up to 1 second unit with buttons. Video frame is updated by moving scissors and progress bar. The resulting edited video can be saved, while you can choose to keep or discard the original video. Further, move the circle thumb for a fast review. A notification will be given after processing done so that you’ll know when the editing job is over. V-Cut Express for Android also provides for video-only or audio-only editing. The app is compatible to Facebook and other popular social network sites mean you can share it with your friends any time.

V-Cut Express App for Android

V-Cut Express app for Android has an ad-supported free trial version with limited set of features. If you want to test the app before paying up, download the trial version and try editing a video. The full feature of the application can be unlocked temporarily (for one time) by clicking the advertisement. V-Cut Express application is compatible with Android OS versions Froyo (2.2) and upwards. It got a file size of 14Mb.

Final Thoughts

V-Cut Express app for Android is an easy to use video editor. If you tend to shoot videos using your phone’s camera often, perhaps this app will come more than handy. There is not much complexity involved in its operations that any first time user could edit videos without much trouble. Integration with Facebook and other SNS is a plus. Verdict: a decent enough video editing tool to fine tune your videos.

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