Discorun iPhone Game App Review

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Discorun for iPhone is a lot on the Temple Run mould. Though it is designed with the same mechanics, it stands out among its popular rivals with some great features and much more musical approach. You can get Discorun game app for $1.99 from iTunes App Store.


In Discorun app for iPhone, you control a happy faced disco ball across beautifully designed levels. You can slide your thumb left to right to dodge obstacles and jump, bounce and slam for complete control over the dancing ball. You always move vertically, and there are three columns over which you can control the ball. Discorun for iPhone features beautiful party music, pumping out different EDM tunes that spice up the overall gaming experience. In each level, you got to meet three objectives, which in turn makes it necessary for the players to revisit certain levels to totally beat the game. The first objective is to reach the other end. You’ll have obstacles on the way, and you got to time your jump to perfection to avoid being hit. The second objective is time-based. It is a funny concept wherein each level has a set number of seconds, and if you manage to beat it faster than that, you’ll complete the objective. The last level is about collecting all the stars.

Discorun iPhone App Review

It is impossible sometimes to complete the three objectives in one go, as you may have to sacrifice a star to gain a speed-up boost and cross the finish line before the time runs out. On the flip side, this actually adds lots of replay-ability to the game. There is a tutorial section at the beginning of each game. After each tutorial level is completed, you’ll get a piece of clothing for your disco ball, and this could be anything from hats and face accessories to different colors for the body. You’ll also collect coins as you progress to unlock new things for your character. Alternatively, you can buy a ton of coins for five bucks.


Discorun app for iPhone is beautifully designed in 3D with exciting game play. The levels are challenging; winning all the objectives in one go is virtually impossible. But that adds replay value to the game, something players will appreciate as this is a paid app. The background score is impressive. Check it out if you’re in the lookout for a game similar to Subway Surfers or Temple Run.

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