Fluttabyes iPhone Game App Review

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Fluttabyes app for iPhone is a bright, cheerful, and fun take on a “Match 3” game. In this easy to pick up and play game, your aim is to help the butterflies fly away by matching 4 or more of the same colour. You can download Fluttabyes game for $1.99 from iTunes App Store.


Fluttabyes iPhone app comes with a tutorial that is short and to the point. But for a player who has already played Bejeweled or Candy Crush Saga, the rules of Fluttabyes app for iPhone might sound familiar. It also has familiar modes: continuous play; time limit and beat the score. In the game mode Drop, you got to survive as long as you can while butterflies drop down at an ever increasing rate. In Solitaire, your aim should be to free all the butterflies as quickly as you can. As mentioned, your aim is to help the butterflies fly away by matching 4 or more of the same colour. Earn score multipliers by creating matches very quickly. If you match more than 6 butterflies you will earn a ladybird. If you match more than 9 butterflies, you will earn the magical rainbow butterfly!

Fluttabyes iPhone Game App

The graphics is pretty. The cute and fun little graphic of a dandelion with the seeds being slowly burned away as a symbol of the time the player has left is impressive. The golden glow of a sunny afternoon is pleasing to the eye. The background score adds to the overall feel of the game. The melody both relaxes and eases the mind. This is one factor that is omnipresent across the different game modes. The app is integrated with Game Center. That is, if you log-in to your GameCenter account, you can compete with other “Fluttabytes” around the world. In terms of performance, Fluttabyes for iPhone is slick and responsive with no apparent lags during game play. The app requires iOS versions iOS 6.1 or higher.


Fluttabyes for iPhone has a simple concept, but the game play is exciting nevertheless. It is challenging, without frustrating. The graphics is topnotch, while the background score is soothing and relaxing. The game has multiple modes to suit player interests. Game Center integration comes handy to those who love some competition. Overall, a pick and play type of game with lots of replay-ability element. Check it out if you’re curious.

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