Dock Clock Plus Android App Review

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Do you have great regard for time and wish to keep track of time even when you are working or sleeping? Then trade your alarm clock for a more advanced Android app that takes care of your time management needs. Named Dock Clock Plus, the app is not something new and has been there for a long time. However, it has been advanced and its updated version is now the best thing in Google Play Store! Guessing about its functionality? Well, the clock works as a desk clock throughout night and day. Let’s get to know more about it! The app costs $2.99.


Dock Clock Plus for Android has been designed to always stay in the ‘on’ mode whenever we connect our devices or any dock to the charger or PC. It serves as a great day clock, while it is also a night clock to take a quick glance in the middle of the night, before sleeping and after waking up! Thus, you will not require probing for the table clock or mobile phone in order to know the time. But, wouldn’t it be disturbing to the eye if the clock functions through the night? Certainly it wouldn’t be. Reason why, it functions in low light during the night. In the earlier versions there were a few bugs which have been fixed in the newest versions. The vibration would be disabled with the earlier versions, which is quite possible now.

Dock Clock Plus Android App

Dock Clock Plus Android app gets activated as soon as it is connected to a source of power. Also, the turning on or switching off of the device does not have any effect on the clock’s functions. The orientation is fixed or is automatic. The low volume settings are easy to operate and its multi-page design also makes it look for organized and oriented. If you love animated wallpapers then the clock offers system wallpaper support for your clock to have a new and refreshed look every day. Since, it’s an analog clock, a single glance and you will be getting the time which it reads. There is also option for auto-quit during the morning. There is no hindering your counts display. Thus, your texts, Gmail messages, missed calls and Facebook alert would blink on the screen and you will not miss anything.


Devices on-screen off keys are the best ones to operate this Dock Clock Plus for Android. It has some additional features as well which provides information about the day and its weather at all times. Get this app and check its awesome features to teach yourself the rules of the punctuality game!

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