Hue Pro Android App Review

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Hue Pro app for Android is a new-fangled system to make use of your Philips Hue lighting system. It offers all the features of the indigenous Philips Hue Android application, such as lighting presets. But it can, in addition, be used for setting up events with alarms and timers. Hue Pro is available for download at Google Play $0.99 and offers in-app purchases too.


Hue Pro app for Android is easy to use, very customizable and feature great widgets and awesome customer support. On Android the app, Hue Pro range wildly from being powerful and functional to being beautiful and simple. The app has a great selection of lighting presets, such as Blue Rain and Sunset, and it can also be used for scheduling events with alarms and timers. There is awesome in-app bonuses that you can purchase such as Pro Lava Lamp, and Music Mode, which makes the light from the bulb respond to the beats of the music you’re playing. Geofencing has now come to the application. With the new feature facilitated, your lights can automatically turn on when you get home and turn off when you leave home given that you have your smart phone with you, of course. It’s a pretty natty feature to have, but then again, if you have timers set for your lights to go on and off, it might not be that useful to you.

Hue Pro Android App Review

Hue Pro app for Android is also great for alarms and location-based light instructions, but once you have more than a page or two of connected light instructions it becomes monotonous to use. If you are a new user with just the starter kit, or if you are usually only controlling one or two bulbs at a time, this is a great app to have. Hue Pro Lava Lamp turns your space into a live lava lamp. You can take complete power of your Hue lighting system with the whole thing at your touch.


While it is not nearly as capable as some of the other apps, Hue Pro for Android is a great-looking app that is a lot of fun to use. Its color map allows you exact control over your bulbs in a fantastically visual format, which is surprisingly absent from almost every other app out there. One of the best perks is Wi-Fi detection, which can flip the lights on and off whenever you enter and go out of the house.

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