DocPrinter App for iPhone Review

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When DocPrinter is there to assist you, what is the worry all about? This multifaceted and all comprehensive app allows you to store, view, print – documents, phone contacts, web pages, photos, and photo albums. The task of transferring files and documents and getting them printed from your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Mac/PC/online storage interfaces like iCloud, Google Drives, Dropbox etc has become effortless now with DocPrinter app.

With the help of this app you can also browse the storage files, import/export them via iPhone or even get them sent to a friend/office or get them printed on paper. The command can be given directly to almost all WiFi printers, via Bluetooth, Network or by USB. By utilizing the free WePrint software you can print with liberty via Mac/PC. To get a document printed you need not stay near the system as WePrint and DocPrinter will collate and your PC will work as a relay box in getting the docs printed. The command can be given via DocPrinter and the docs are ready at the printer edge for use. Further, WePrint will assist you in the task of getting files/docs printed via 3G/4G/EDGE even if you are not at home/office.

DocPrinter App for iPhone

Features of DocPrinter App

Printing – With the unique WePrint software you can print directly through the shared printers or through AirPrint. You could also print remotely using 3G/4G connections and abundantly utilize the WiFi, USB, Bluetooth, shared, networked modes etc to print from pages. Before printing you can also convert files/e-mails/calendars/docs/web pages to PDF format.

Documents – You can share and print files remotely with numerous PC’s or Mac systems. Various modes like portrait, landscape, full screen etc is functional while viewing/printing the documents. You can print/view Office 2007, XP, 2003 and 2008 files. Documents, images and attachments can be stored/viewed/printed easily. Audio/video files are also supported. Other functions like Zip/Unzip files drag and drop files/folders etc become simple with Print n Share. You could also copy complete folders, group files into folders, navigate through the computer’s folders to find a particular file.

Cloud Services – DocPrinter supports accessing other storage interfaces like Google Docs, ShareFile, CloudMe, DropBox, FTP Servers, WebDAV, and iCloud. Hence without any difficulty you can transfer files/e-mail docs and print them from the above mentioned Cloud Services.

Further, your Contacts, Photos, Web pages etc can be printed/searched/sorted/ viewed/e-mailed using DocPrinter.


DocPrinter app for iPhone is the finest file viewing/printing/document managing app. It comes to you with a price tag of $3.99. Download it today from iTunes as it’s an essential install for those whose life encircles the iPhone world!

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