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The bewilderment in your mind while moving files to your computer just for getting it printed can be avoided with Print n Share app for iPhone. Doesn’t it sound a better idea? This app makes your life easy as you can share files and documents with your desktop and also print out an e-mail/contact address/phone number/web page/photos/photo album directly from your iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch. Utilizing the free WePrint software on your PC/Mac you can print unrestrictedly from your iPhone to all the printers/WiFi Printers by using WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB. If WePrint is available on the system then your PC/Mac will act as a relay and will pass on the print command from your handset to the printer without user interference. With Print n Share iPhone app, all you need to do is just tap print from your iPad/ iPad or iPod Touch.

Features of Print n Share App

Printing – With the unique WePrint software you can print directly through the shared printers or through AirPrint. You could also print remotely using 3G/4G connections and abundantly utilize the WiFi, USB, Bluetooth, shared, networked modes etc to print from pages. Before printing you can also convert files/e-mails/calendars/docs/web pages to PDF format.

Calendar Viewing – View existing calendar entries by Day/Week/Month and also create fresh appointments and get them printed for reference. You could also integrate it with Exchange, Apple and Google Calendars.

Print n Share App for iPhone

E-mail – With Print n Share you can access multiple e-mail accounts and print/attach multiple files and images. Replying and forwarding e-mails/contact details, queue up e-mails to be sent later etc are the other functionalities. It supports POP3, IMAP and SSL e-mail accounts.

Documents – You can share and print files remotely with numerous PC’s or Mac systems. Various modes like portrait, landscape, full screen etc is functional while viewing/printing the documents. You can print/view Office 2007, XP, 2003 and 2008 files. Documents, images and attachments can be stored/viewed/printed easily. Audio/video files are also supported.

Other Functions – Zip/Unzip files drag and drop files/folders become simple with Print n Share. You could also copy complete folders, group files into folders, navigate through the computer’s folders to find a particular file.

Wireless File and Cloud Transfer – Without a glitch you can transfer files/e-mail docs and print from Cloud, CloudMe, Dropbox,, iCloud, Google Drive, ShareFile, SugarSync, FTP, SkyDrive, and WebDAV. Further, your Contacts, Photos, and Web pages can be printed/searched/sorted/ viewed/e-mailed using Print n Share.


Print n Share app for iPhone is one of the best file sharing and printing app. It comes to you with a price tag of $4.99. Download it today from iTunes and enjoy this incredible app day in and night!

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