Don’t Touch This – Secret Data Vault for iPhone Review

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We buy new smart phones and use them for different purposes like clicking pictures, storing data files, videos and other stuff. In that way, lots of information, pictures and other data chips in our phone. Now, it is equally important to keep this information away from unauthorized access. Don’t Touch This – Secret Data Vault for iPhone offers complete security package for your data and phone. Post installation, just do few settings and your information is safe. It is an intelligent and innovative solution to protect your privacy. Don’t Touch – Secret Data Vault app can be downloaded for $6.99 from Apple’s iTunes Website.


To protect your very private pics, videos, notes and contacts by hiding them inside this modern security application. Don’t Touch This – Secret Data Vault for iPhone app supports Touch ID fingerprint scanner also. As a user, you can create and manage hidden folders and protect them with a dot lock, combination lock, pattern lock and more. Moreover, you can track all intruders with the in-built tracking system and get detailed reports on data breach.

Don’t Touch This Secret Data Vault for iPhone Review

Surely, Don’t Touch This – Secret Data Vault iPhone application works as secured and safe tiny space for your private information with multiple layer of security. You can move data, photos and videos into this application from other apps to make them more secure in terms of data access. It offers different security options like dot lock, touch-id sensor, security code and decoy password to lock in your private information. Apart from offering enhanced security, this app also allows you to do safe and private browsing. Instant reports with intruder’s GPS location and time of action also available for users. New version of the application is more advanced and compatible with upgraded iOS 10. Performance and stability factors are also improved in updated version of the application. This app is compatible with iOS version (8.0) or higher.


There is old saying that Secrets are meant to be protected, if they get out then they are not secrets any longer. So, by purchasing Don’t Touch This – Secret Data Vault for iPhone, you are making sure that your private information will remain private and safe. Recommended for download to have safe secure data access in phone.

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