Floating Widget Android App Review

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Working on some application and want to change music track or data sheet without losing home screen, earlier it was not possible without coming out of current application. Now you can do multitasking with Floating Widget app for Android users. Floating Widget allows you to interact with any home screen widget while you are using any application on your phone. These features make working on mobile more convenient and simple. Floating Widget app can be downloaded for $0.99 from Google Play store.


Many users wish to get simple access of their home screen widgets while using other application. While using Floating Widget for Android, you can control local or streaming music without leaving the current app. In other words, you can directly control applications without any intervention between two applications. Few other ways in which you will see benefits of this application are data usage tracking, music player control, CPU usage, traffic maps, GPS etc. It includes features like customized widget allocation on home screen, resizing of widget icon (big or small as you like), creating custom short cuts etc. You can also create customized notification for quick actions.

Floating Widget Android App Review

Floating Widget Android app also helps to creates different floating widget profiles (up to 5). It has fantastic user interface which works well in regular use. The application also provides Tasker plugins support. As this is a new application, developers are continuously adding changes as per user requirements and fixed old issues in updated version of the app. “Turning off widget interactions” is added as new feature in latest version. This app is compatible with Android versions 4.1 or above.


With Floating Widget for Android, you can do many things simultaneously like adjusting CPU usage, checking data usage, checking notifications that too without leaving you current application. It works very well and improves your productivity. Overall, as a multi-tasker, you can give it a try and see how it works for you. Helpful application and worth downloading by users.

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