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My Pilates Guru for iPhone is your ready reference to Pilates exercises, fitness, wellbeing and relaxation. Through high resolution photographs, the app walks you through different exercises and sessions tailor-made to improve your fitness and flexibility. My Pilates Guru: Pilates exercises for fitness, well-being and relaxation app may be downloaded for $2.99 from iTunes.

Best Pilates Instructor App

My Pilates Guru app for iPhone is like having a Pilates instructor in your pocket. It features 90+ exercises with hi-res photography, and 25+ recommended sessions of 15–60 minutes duration. You also got the freedom to build your own sessions, if it works for you that way.
In any exercise, it is important that you build a practice to suit your body. In My Pilates Guru for iPhone, you can choose a particular focus area, such as ‘spinal and joint mobility’ or ‘challenging muscles’, where you need to work on. As you strengthen your practice, navigate by level of difficulty. The exercises are classified under three difficulty levels: Basic, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

If you want to extend your practice in a particular direction, simply click on a related exercise and build a focussed session, or try an exercise variation. Of course, you can save your favorites, or create a selection of personal sessions to return to anytime. It is also crucial that you perform the exercises in the way it is meant to be. The app reminds you of key things you should bear in mind during your practice. It also tells you the usual errors you need to avoid when doing this exercise. Last but not the least, the results section records your activities and allows you to see which exercises and sessions you’ve completed and what they’ve focussed on. This is a useful tool for enabling you to balance your workouts and achieve a good all-round exercise regime. My Pilates Guru app for iPhone also syncs with Apple Health Kit.


My Pilates Guru app for iPhone is one of the most comprehensive mobile instructors available. It guides you through different poses and workouts through photographs and step-by-step instructions. It is also possible to click photos and record videos to review your progress. Most importantly, it will tell you how to perform the exercises flawlessly. The guru guide tips that remind you of key things you should bear in mind during your practice is a nice feature. The UI is largely user friendly. It is also stable and responsive. Check it out if you’re in the lookout for a reliable Pilates app.

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