Draw Something App for iPhone Review

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Draw Something is a fun online version of turn based Pictionary game from OMGPOP for your iPhone. Since its introduction, the app has become one of the most downloaded game apps in the app store, it being a paid app ($0.99) notwithstanding. Draw Something games app for iPhone also has a free ad-supported version.

How Draw Something App Works?

Draw Something iPhone app lets you connect with your friends through Facebook, email or username. Also, you can opt to play random online folks by selecting Random from the Create Game screen. The app also lets you have multiple games going on at a time. Draw Something is simple, yet intuitive. You choose from three options to draw: from easy to medium to hard. The harder the word, the more coins you earn, should your partner guess it correctly. You can use the ‘coins’ to buy new colors, or bombs that will remove unnecessary letters from the guessing plate. Once you’ve done with the drawing, your partner will be notified, and the said person in turn can view your picture like a recording line by line, color by color.

They have a letter bar wherein they could view the letters to the answer, as well as additional unwanted letters. If your partner has sufficient bombs, they can use it to wipe out unnecessary letters. Once they’ve done with their guessing, it is their turn to pick and letter and draw it, and the cycle repeats. Part of fun is in seeing how long you and your partner can go on guessing the word correctly. The same can be viewed as a streak.

Draw Something App for iPhone

Once you have finished playing, you can let the other player(s) know about it through the notification centre. Coins may be collected through in-app purchases; it costs anywhere between $1.99 for 400 coins to $24.99 for 10,000 coins. Color pellets and bombs can be purchased using coins. Further, bombs range from 10 for 400 coins to 50 for 1600 coins. Each round of quizzing/guessing earns a max of 3 coins.

For each match, you can check the statistics of that game play with your partner. By clicking on ‘stats’, you can view details such as how many coins you’ve earned playing against your partner, Average guess speed, average draw speed, and the coin distribution.

Draw Something iPhone game application got a simple user interface. The best part of the app is that it works across devices. What you might have drawn on your iPad will be properly displayed on a relatively small iPhone screen and vice versa.


Draw Something app for iPhone is addictive. It has enough variety in it to keep you glued to the screen for long spells. Verdict: Highly recommended if you love simple yet fun games.

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