Lapse It Pro App for Android Review

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Lapse It Pro app lets you use your Android device’s camera to capture your own time-lapsed scenes. Those who are not familiar with the term, time-lapsed photography allow one to watch scenes/objects change over time. Lapse It Pro app for Android can be purchased from the Android Market place for $1.99.

How Lapse It Pro Android app Works?

Lapse It Pro app for Android takes multiple pictures of a scene, over a period of time, and stitches them together to give a time-lapsed video of the scene. You have the option to configure the time interval between consecutive shots, or set a photo-based limit on your photography session. You can also set the resolution in which your Android phone’s camera captures the images. The user interface is easy to navigate around. You won’t have any trouble accessing the various options.

Lapse It Pro Android app saves your time-lapse as a video; you can edit the order of the clips from within the application. Further, you can apply filters to the videos if you wish so. Once you’ve done with the edit/review of the footage, and have finalized the same, you can use the app to render it on your device. In the end, you’ll have an MP4 file, which you can share over SNS or email.

Lapse It Pro App for Android

On the downside, since your Android phone is not designed to be mounted on a tripod, you’ll certainly have some trouble to keep your phone fixed on some surface to capture the photos. It goes without saying that the camera has to remain still for the set time duration to capture good quality time-lapsed photos.

Also, if you wish to capture many photos for over an hour, ensure that your phone remains plugged to the charger, thanks to the power hungry nature of Android OS. It has been observed that using Lapse It Pro mobile application for an hour caused the battery to drop its charge by over 70%. Watch out for this eventuality.

Final Thoughts

If you like time-lapsed photography, perhaps Lapse It Pro app for Android could be of some help. True, it can’t replicate what a top end camera could do. But the app has enough options/features to satisfy your craving for some amateurish time-lapsed photography. You’ll have trouble in fixing your phone stationary for the job, and the fast draining battery won’t help matters either. But these little downsides won’t trouble you much as long as you’re driven by the passion for time-based photography. Verdict: Try it out if you love photography.

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  1. Tom Mudd says:

    Just used Lapse It Pro at 37,000 ft somewhere over Sweden. Great little program !

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