Light Grid Pro App for Android Review

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There are lots of live wallpapers available in the Android Market. But there are only few options available to the users to change/modify them to suit their changing tastes. Light Grid Pro app for Android is one such application that provides unlimited wallpaper customization options, plus features to create your own. You can download Light Grid Pro from the Android Market Place for a nominal $0.99/license.

How Light Grid Pro Android App Works?

Light Grid Pro app for Android not only offers a wide array of attractive backgrounds, but also provides extensive customization options that were not seen on any app of this kind. If you wish to do minimal customization, you can start with the pre-defined styles that come with the app. The said styles are based on various shapes like squares, hexagons and lines. Each of them has got animated details that cause the background to slowly change as you use the phone.

Light Grid Pro App for Android

But the real fun of Light Grid Pro Android app is in creating your own wallpapers. You can have a free run of your creativity on the various options available to customize a wallpaper. You can choose various shapes (such as Triangles, Squares, Hexagons, Circles (grid & Hex layouts), and horizontal/vertical bars) and colors, change/adjust their sizes, add outlines, or even set how much the wallpaper shifts while switching home screens. Further, you can add ripple effect, adjust the size of ripple, add touch effects, and adjust how often and fast a shape slide. There are also options for you to take screenshots of your creations, share themes with your friends, and even save and mange themes at will. Even though these may appear to be whole lots of options, they are properly listed under settings.

If to point out a downside, Android Light Grid Pro has no option whatsoever to add 3D effects. It would have been great had the app offered 3D wallpaper customization as well. Also, keep in mind that customization of wall papers takes longer than you think before you would be able to upload the final product.


Using Light Grid Pro app for Android, you can customize live wallpapers (or create them altogether) with virtually endless combinations of colors/shapes/effects. You can have your own rules, and have your own wallpapers adoring your phone’s screen space. Verdict: Must have if you’re bored of your current crop of live wallpapers.

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