Drive Assist App for iPhone Review

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Drive Assist for iPhone is a speedometer, compass, trip computer, the maps and a music player, all combined into an elegant and easy to use interface. Its purpose is to make your driving experience better and safe. You can download Drive Assist app for $3.99 from iTunes App Store.

Drive Assist App Features

Drive Assist app for iPhone not only acts as a navigational tool but also as a weather warning system, speedometer, and a music player to entertain you all the way. Drive Assist for iPhone is highly customizable. You can adjust all kinds of parameters and settings to make this app your own. You can change the color theme to suit your tastes or toggle the measurement units between metric and imperial distance measures. Further, there are options to set a touch autolock, speed alerts, and even a place to enter your odometer readout. You can also find out how much time you were actually traveling against the time you were sitting in traffic.

Drive Assist App for iPhone

In comparison, there aren’t many apps out there that are as sophisticated and useful as Drive Assist. The app distinguishes itself from the rest with an easy-to-read compass, straightforward weather icons, and constant trip timers. The UI is elegant and polish. It is easy to navigate and is pretty responsive even though some users have reported instances of occasional crashes.
Drive Assist app is compatible with iOS versions 5.0 or higher.

Final Thoughts

Drive Assist app for iPhone provides an all-in-one package to assist you in your driving experience. It has everything from speedometer, compass, weather warning system, and trip computer to maps and a music player so that you don’t have to rely on separate apps for these utilities while you’re on the move. The UI is easy to use. Customization options come handy. You can change the color themes or choose the units as per your liking. Options to set speed alerts or touch autolock come handy at times. A full featured toolkit that’ll come handy during those long drives. It is one of the best apps in its league.

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