DropCopy App for iPhone Review

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DropCopy app for iPhone makes file as well as clipboard text transfer between OS devices – like an iPhone and iPad – on your local wireless network a lot simpler than it is now. DropCopy application lets you transfer files from an iPhone to an iPad (say) without involving a computer. And it does so without any confirmations or passwords. DropCopy app comes under paid apps category and is priced at $4.99 in the iTunes App Store.

How DropCopy app for iPhone Works?

DropCopy app for iPhone is easy to use and is very user friendly and efficient. Once you open DropCopy in your iPhone, you’ll be greeted with a help screen telling you exactly how to do it. In order to transfer files, tap on the destination circle, as it appears on the screen, and choose which type of file you wish to transfer. The different options available include “transfer files, photos, send a network message, or send or receive clipboard contents to / from a Mac/iPhone on your WiFi network”.

DropCopy App for iPhone

Once chosen the file type, you can transfer the file by simply dragging/dropping the file into the destination circle. You then have to select a destination, which is another iPhone/iPad in your network.

Usually files transferred to your iPhone via DropCopy app are stored in the ~/Media/DropCopy folder by default. You can change this destination folder if you wish so. On the iPhone, you can also catch a quick (and small) preview of the images/docs that were just transferred. And unlike its desktop version, DropCopy does not run in the background all the time in an iPhone. In other words, file transfer to and from iPhone will be possible only if DropCopy application is up and running.

DropCopy app for iPhone makes file/clipboard text transfer to/from your iPhone a cake walk. It is also quite friendly that even a novice could operate it without much brain scratching. Those who wish to try it out first may download the free personal version, with a three-device limitation. In order to transfer files between more devices, you will need the paid version.

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