Earthquake Android App Review

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Earthquake! Android app keeps tracks of all earthquake activity happening around the globe. Based on the input provided by the US Geological Survey, the app pinpoints the location of such activity on the Google Maps. Android Earthquake! app even shows a ‘rumble zone’ and ‘damage zone’ to clearly indicate the areas which will be/had affected in the tremors.

Android Earthquake! App Features

The initial screen shows recent earthquake activities happened in different parts of the world, with its intensity on the Richter scale. With the aid of Google Maps, you could even investigate on the epicentre of the quake, and yes wonder to oneself how it would have been had you were present right there at the time of the catastrophe.


Also, Android Earthquake! mobile application lets one set to receive a notification when a new earthquake event happened anywhere in the world. Yes, you won’t be interested in receiving reminders every time an earthquake of intensity ‘1’ on the Richter scale happens anywhere on the earth. For that, you could even set a series of filters so that you’ll be informed about truly earth shattering quakes only, and not mere rumbles of low intensity.

Further, the Earthquake! App lets you use the location services to pinpoint your exact location on the Google Map at a given time, and tailor your alerts accordingly. This feature is especially handy if you’re on a trip abroad to a country, which sits on an earthquake zone. The app also comes with a home screen widget that will provide to the user up-to-the-minute reports of recent earthquakes, once located.

Final Thoughts

Earthquake! app for Android may not be an everyday-use type of application. But it comes really handy if you happen to go to the chaotic places on the earth, where frequent quakes are the norm. We recommend our users to try this app out in their Android devices. And above all, Earthquake! app is a free download.

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