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With many latest Android devices sporting a physical QWERTY keypad and a virtual touch screen one, there may be few who argue that users are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a method for inputting some quick text. And all in a sudden, the conventional T9 predictive text feels like a thing from the past. But even typing on such QWERTY keypads can’t give you the flowing accuracy of a typical PC keyboard.

ShapeWriter Android App Features

Android ShapeWriter app brings an easy solution to this problem. Instead of the usual tapping-on-the-letter way of typing on a virtual keypad, ShapeWriter lets you form words by stringing together the required letters by simply moving your fingers over them, on the keypad. Even though it may make one skeptical in the beginning, as to the ease of use of the said feature, using it for sometime makes you realize that the learning curve is not that steep to climb. Another advantage of ShapeWriter app is that it works pretty well for all types of messaging, no matter whether it is SMS, emails or typing notes.


If to demonstrate the working of ShapeWriter through an example, to type ‘Android’, begin with ‘A’ and continue to move your finger over the other letters in the word. The app will use its inbuilt dictionary to determine the word you’re attempting to spell, even if your finger touches the fringes of some other letter on the keypad. If the app gets your word wrong, it suggests possible alternatives, much like the standard Android virtual keyboard.


On usability front, since the letters on the virtual keypad are small, the chances of you hitting the wrong keys on the way are more. Even though, with practice, you could improve your precision %, still the very nature of the job, which involves gliding your fingers over the letters on the keypad, encompasses a certain constant percentage of uncertainty. The ‘suggestive’ part of the app comes handy to the users in this context.

Final Thoughts

ShapeWriter is best suited for resistive touchpad Android handsets. If you use the app with a stylus, there is a better chance that you’ll type the words precisely most of the times. The inbuilt dictionary helps you to find the right words, even if you err in typing. Definitely it takes some practice to get used to the nuances of Android ShapeWriter app. But being a free app, it does not hurt anyone to install it in your handset, and try it out at least once.

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