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Although learning as much about pregnancy and early child-rearing as possible is definitely a good idea for both prospective parents before they embark on the journey to parenthood, sometimes reading through a stack of books is not that easy to do in quick succession. Breaking up the monotony with something a little more fun can be a great way to make sure that you continue to learn the important stuff about pregnancy without any breaks that could potentially go against you later on. Are You Smarter Than Your Doctor app for iPhone is a great way to do that.

Literally quiz yourself on pregnancy

The main purpose of iPhone Are You Smarter Than Your Doctor app is simply as a pregnancy quiz. You can go through the entire quiz, getting answers right to some questions and then learning from mistakes on others. You can keep on taking the test again and again until you routinely get a perfect score, allowing you to learn facts about pregnancy as you slowly continue to absorb much more information than you might have done so by just reading a book.


Compare and contrast with others

Not only will this quiz allow you to play single player, but it will also allow you to play multiplayer. You can go head to head with your spouse to help you both learn all of the information or you can even play against your doctor in order to see if you know more than them on the specific topic of pregnancy. There is even a time trial that you can use if you want to see if you can beat the clock and the hardest levels possible that the game has to offer.

Trusted information from a reliable source

All of the questions included in this quiz are written courtesy of Dr. Amos Grunebaum. You may not recognize the name, but Dr. Grunebaum is the owner, creator and main contributor to, one of the best sites for pregnancy medical information. The good doctor has been on television frequently as a medical expert and is not only a real doctor, but has also been hired by rich celebrities due to the possessed experience of this obstetrician.

Final Score

In total, we’ve given the iPhone Are You Smarter Than Your Doctor app a final score of 9 out of 10. It is a fantastic informational app with just about everything you need to know about the basics of pregnancy. It loses one point for not having more functionality, but it is still a fantastic informational app for pregnancy.

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