I-Femion iPhone App Review

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The I-Femion app for iPhone is one of the most interesting new women’s health apps to be created for Apple smartphones. It is a pre-pregnancy app that focuses on the entirety of a woman’s fertility cycle, allowing her to use this app to help her not only with naturally controlling birth cycles, but also in family planning in a way that can allow women to mostly avoid having to use other types of birth control.

Input data over time

In order to get iPhone I-Femion app to work for you as an application, all you have to do is input information into the app on a daily basis. You can take a look at your temperature and give this app all the information that it needs. The longer you do this, the better the app will get at predicting what will happen with your fertility cycles and in the end that is exactly what you need to use this app for.

Discover when you can have children

Based on the continuous information that you give this app in the previous step, you will eventually start to see statistical breakdowns of your fertility cycles as well as estimates on the part of the application that will show you when you are likely to get pregnant and when you can engage in sexual activity without having to worry about it. This allows you not only to know exactly when the time is right to start trying for a baby, but it also allows you to save money on birth control by knowing when you can have sexual intercourse without alternative birth control methods yet keep the risk of pregnancy down to a minimum.


Keep it learning over time

Like most computer applications these days, the I-Femion mobile application has a great affinity for learning. As you continue to program it with more statistical information over time, you will realize that it starts to get even more accurate. Within just a couple of cycles, you will be truly astounded at just how accurate this iPhone app can be.

Final Score

Overall, I-Femion iPhone app gets a final score of 9 out of 10. The predictive powers of this app are just amazing and should definitely be looked at as highly reliable. Nothing is foolproof however and that is where it loses the one mark. If you absolutely cannot afford to get pregnant no matter what, you should combine the use of this app with other birth control methods.

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