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Pregnancy is a difficult yet rewarding experience. In the age of technology many things have developed that can help you get through this period with a minimum of difficulty and a maximum of reward. One of those things is the BabyBump app for iPhone.

Record personal information and get feedback

When you first start the iPhone BabyBump app, you will get the opportunity to record all of your personal information. This means things like your due date and measurements of a personal nature. Then, you can click on the Baby button to see information about the development of your baby based on the information you previously entered. The Your Body button is similar, except it details changes to you rather than to your baby.


Keep track of information as it comes up

At the same time that BabyBump will give you information based on what you enter, you can use features like the Journal feature to keep your thoughts recorded during the pregnancy so that you can go back to them later and take a look at what you were thinking during specific periods within the process. It is also possible for you do things like record changes in your moods, appetites and measurements if you’d like to keep that information around. You can even use the Photos feature to add photographs of you during the pregnancy to the BabyBump app and send them out to family and friends.

On the fly recording of baby development

The final set of features has to do with on the fly recording of the development of your baby. The Kick Counter feature will allow you to simply tap a button and record kick information every time you feel something from your child. At the same time, you can keep track of contractions as they go along by tapping the start and stop buttons within that timer, giving you information about the length of the contractions as well as the time between them. This is valuable information to you and your birthing coach and it is all conveniently available right there within this iPhone BabyBump mobile application.

Final Score

After considering all of the aspects of BabyBump iPhone app, we’ve given it a final score of 10 out of 10. It is full of features that blow away most of the other pregnancy apps and it has an extremely slick design overall.

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