Microsoft Tag Reader App for Android Review

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Microsoft Tag Reader is Microsoft’s tag scanner app, made for Android platform. It is the first ever app released by MS on rival Google’s mobile platform.

Microsoft Tag Reader app for Android is used to scan 2D barcode images found on products, magazines, editorials, store front etc using the device’s camera. The camera scans a unique pattern of colored triangles – called the Tag – and the user is then able to navigate to a web page related to the graphic. It can be any other websites, videos, schedules, reviews, contact info, social networks, discounts, promotions and more! As the archive of scanned barcodes increases, your mobile search experience also improves. The Microsoft Tag Reader app is available as a free download from Android market.

Microsoft Tag Reader App Features

Microsoft Tag Reader app works on any Android handset that comes with a camera. Even though, there are many barcode scanners and QR code scanners available in the mobile app market, what makes Microsoft Tag Reader stands out is that it let users create their own Tags codes for free. Yes, customization is the key phrase here!


Users can make their tags set to carry a text message, trigger a web browser link, or dial a phone number. Further, the tags can be rendered or depicted in various image formats, in sizes ranging from 0.75in up to 120in. Every tag made is treated as a campaign, wherein users could track all types of info, including the content it links to and how many times it has been scanned. The real potential of the Microsoft Tag Reader app is that it not restricted to simply linking to a retail site to buy a product online. On the contrary, it can be used as a springboard to all types of online content, such as videos, social networks, reviews, exclusive promotions etc, to name a few.

The user interface of Microsoft Tag reader is quite user friendly, if it is not the best in the domain. Even a novice won’t find it difficult to learn how to use the app.

Final Thoughts

Microsoft Tag Reader is a very handy barcode scanning app made for Android platform. Typical of Microsoft products, the app delivers what it promises to the end users. The user interface is simple, so are the steps to install and use the application. And it works as long as your Android device’s camera snaps clear enough pictures. Android Microsoft Tag Reader app is available for free download from Android market. We suggest you to try this app out.

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