Electrum Drum Machine Android App Review

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If you feel you have seen enough Android apps that promise of an enhanced user-experience with fantastic features, but eventually fails to deliver, then you just got to experience what Electrum Drum Machine. Especially conceptualized for drum fanatics who are always brain storming to create something new and energetic, Electrum Drum Machine app has been programmed to suit their needs and yearning for raw music. With technology easing out scope for better and more integrated creation of music, the music industry is sure to ride a new wave! The programmed drum machine has been designed to enforce pattern based music compositions. With a vocal track record feature inserted within it, Electrum Drum Machine for Android is tailored-made for all those who wish to add their personal style over a beat! The app costs $3.99 and is available for download at Google Play Store.


Electrum Drum Machine app for Android enables users to record their freestyle with the help of their phone such that the rhythm and beats can be saved effectively before memory goes for a toss! You like settling for canned beats, when one can easily make their own beats according to individual tastes. With easy opportunities for users to access custom samples, by recording them with their microphone, drummers can save a hell lot of time. Techno or trance, whatever be your choice, you can add any amount and type of effects you desire. Choices to program a hard hitting string of beat, is also provided for users. Did we tell you that you can export files to MIDI, Ringtone, WAV or any other type you desire with complete lucidity?! Well, you can make the best use of the feature by importing your own files from your SD card. The sample loading dialogue can be heard once one presses the sound button for a long duration. There are hordes of sound PAKS available from Google Play for free!

Electrum Drum Machine Android App

What we can promise you that no other app on the Android market will do for you, is live previewing of the samples, even when the machine is playing. Hear the samples mix right into the beats and save all your hard work! Record either an instrument or the vocals and combine the freestyle rap along with the beats. Using LOOPS can be another great benefit. Though you are allowed to load up to 16 samples, one is also provided with as many as 16 mute samples. Those are for guys who are into more realistic drums. The app works on all devices running Android 1.6 and up.


In short, Electrum Drum Machine for Android has almost everything that will draw every drummer hooked to Android apps. Surely, with such an intelligent app doing all the time-consuming stuff for you, all you got to sit and think about is the composition of raw music. For those looking for quicker programming, the MIDI drum files would be quite a handful.

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