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Elemental app for Android is a new kind of logic game that combines the features of Sudoku and Alchemy. This addictive and challenging game is sure to get your brain working on overdrive, whenever you play it. Elemental Android app can be downloaded from Google Play Store for free of cost. If you want to remove the ads, you may have to make in-app purchases worth $0.99.

How Elemental Game App is played?

In Elemental app for Android, your aim is to complete each puzzle using the elements you’re given. You start off with four elements, which increase to five as you play on. In Elemental game, you attempt to fill the board by combining elements like fire, water, energy and earth correctly. Certain combinations produce new elements, such as earth and water combines to form steam. But don’t worry much about the intricacies: a handy tutorial and helpful hints will see you through in case you get stuck somewhere.

Elemental App for Android

Like in Sudoku, you can’t repeat any element in a row/column. Hence be judicious in your picks, while completing the board. There are two gameplay options: story mode and survival mode. In the former, you attempt to complete board after board across three levels, earning points on the way for the fastest times and lesser hints. In Survival mode, you should complete as many levels as possible without running out of time. Via Open Feint, all scores integrate with global players, bringing in the much needed competitive element.

The graphics part of Android Elemental app is decent; the crisp, cartoon-like graphics augers well with the theme of the game. Fun transitional animations further add to its feel. The drag and drop action, wherein you drag and drop elements from the bottom of the screen to their respective slots, works like breeze. The interface is also well laid out. Elemental game application works with Android versions 2.1 or higher.

Final Thoughts

The game play of Elemental app for Android is both addictive and challenging. You’ve got to seriously scratch your brains to find results. The game is ad supported; no matter how small the ads are, those who think it is a hindrance may remove them by an in-app purchase of $.99. Verdict: A must have if you love challenging games.

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  1. caveman says:

    Excellent game, but really pretty easy until the 5th element appears. Then it gets *really* fun!

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