Dragons Rage App for iPhone Review

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Dragons Rage is a fun arcade game wherein you are the fire breathing dragon, forced to defend itself against the many incompetent knights and archers who want to charge you for no apparent reason. Dragons Rage iPhone app comes as a free download for a limited period. Beyond that, it’ll cost you $0.99.

How Dragons Rage is played?

In Dragons Rage app for iPhone, you are the dragon which can’t fly away unfortunately. Also, you can’t move; the most you can do is turn 360 degrees and breathe fire upon your foes. This can be achieved by tilting the iPhone screen to take aim, and tapping on the ‘fire’ button at the bottom right hand corner.

So, to start with, you blow fire at anything possible. Red arrows on the edge of the screen indicate the direction in which the next wave of foes is located, with the aim of wiping out the people before inflicting damage on the dragon. Of course, there are different types of foes, like the ranged attackers and the ones that move faster than the others. The bottom line however is to destroy them all before they could get to you. If the foes manage to hurt you, and your life bar goes empty, it is the end of Dragons Rage game.

Dragons Rage App for iPhone

There is an occasional bonus level where you fly somewhere and light up few innocent people for bonus diamonds, weapons, and coins. In terms of game play, however, Dragons Rage application has failed to bring in any substantial variety in terms of game play. The challenge certainly increases as you progress in Dragons Rage iPhone game. But you’ll guess things within a matter of seconds, and it kills the excitement after you play the game many times. The graphics is basic at best. However, that does not hamper your overall gaming experience.

Final Thoughts

Dragons Rage app for iPhone is a great stress reliever. It’ll help you take your mind off for couple of minutes from the mad work schedules. On the downside, the game play is limited; a variety of foes and something like a weapon change would have worked wonders. At the moment, it lacks both. The graphics is also a bit of a downer. Verdict: A handy arcade game to take your mind off work; but it feels limited.

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