Retro Pinball App for iPhone Review

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Retro Pinball app for iPhone is a rerelease of the famous 1993 shareware game with the same title. It includes three handpicked tables (Crash and Burn, Super Android, Pangea) from its original (original had 12), but with updated graphics and sound to enhance your gaming experience. Retro Pinball comes at a price tag of $0.99. As a limited time offer, Retro Pinball app is currently available for free from iTunes App Store.

How Retro Pinball is played?

Retro Pinball game app for iPhone gives you the classic arcade style gaming experience on your iPhone. You have three tables to choose from, each has an objective that the player must attempt to complete with their five balls. It goes without saying that you are supposed to score big, and in the process, beat your previous scores.

Retro Pinball App for iPhone

The controls are intuitive and incredibly simple. You’ll find two buttons at the bottom of the screen, on each side. Tap on the respective buttons to use that side’s flipper. On Crash and Burn table, you have more than a set of flippers, controlled by a single button. You must time your taps to send the ball up the required ramps, and to aim to hit the required targets. The scores are calculated once the player uses up all the five balls.

The objectives of iPhone Retro Pinball app are not so easy to achieve. On the flip side, an unachieved objective is sufficient motivation to come back and try it again, and that is the beauty of Retro Pinball. There’ll be times when you might get stuck, and will be waiting for one lucky hit to happen from nowhere. If lady luck does not shine on you in such instances, the game could get a bit frustrating. But then what is the point in playing a game that is least challenging? The graphics successfully recreates the classic feel of Retro Pinball. The sound effects add a realistic touch to the overall gaming experience. The game play is good, and controls work just fine.

Final Thoughts

Retro Pinball iPhone game app recreates the best of the popular shareware game of old. On the iOS platform, the gaming experience simply stands out. The range of difficult levels is challenging, and sometime frustrating. But the game keeps you engrossed for most parts. Verdict: Worth trying out if you were a fan of the 1993 game.

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