EPIC FAIL iPhone App Review

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When someone messes something up to such a large degree that failure isn’t enough to describe what just happened, the internet slag term Epic Fail is invoked. As a result, many images have been put on the internet with that same Epic Fail tagline added to them. Now there is an iPhone app that has all those pictures for you to witness and it is appropriately titled with that same internet slang term.

Look at pictures of Epic Failure

The main thing behind this mobile app is the fact that you can actually look at pictures of Epic Failure when you are on your iPhone. There are sites out there that you could just visit in order to get the same information, but the Epic Fail iPhone app is an attempt to put all of these pictures in one place or at the very least to make accessing them easier for you to do. This entertainment app does require an internet connection to operate though and for that reason you can just use your iPhone to scroll through images both old and new.


Updated frequently

One of the main reasons that Epic Fail iPhone app requires an internet connection is the fact that it really does update on a frequent basis. You certainly will get tired of looking at the same pictures over and over again if no new ones are added and therefore this app can update frequently whenever you connect to the internet. A new update has also added functionality that orders the pictures by date so that you can scroll through and see the newer images before the older ones.

Final Score

iPhone Epic Fail receives a final score of 7 out of 10 from us, but this score does require some explanation. As far as lifestyle is concerned, Epic Fail is a great iPhone app. It will give you a chance to look through some of the funniest images known to exist and it is great not only for time wasting, but also for sharing with friends. However, some people have reported crashes with this software program and even without that drawback it is still not comprehensive in the websites that it downloads pictures from. These things have to be corrected in future updates for Epic Fail to get a higher mark from us. The good news is that these things are relatively easy to correct, so it will be relatively easy for a later version of this software package to score high.

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