Seventeen Fashion Finder iPhone App Review

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These days, online databases exist that contain lists of all of the products that are available for public consumption. The iPhone apps that do really well in the lifestyle section tend to be the ones that have a great presentation that allows you to focus on a niche section of those products and then do it really well. This is what the Seventeen Fashion Finder app for iPhone will attempt to do.

All of Seventeen’s recommendations in one place

The Seventeen magazine is one that will give teenagers a good chance to really understand what teenage fashion is at the current moment in time. Fashion is really determined by public perception and in that area Seventeen is definitely a magazine that has a lot to offer the average teenage girl. For that reason, many of the recommendations that are available in Seventeen in terms of products also become very popular products although without help it can be hard to pinpoint one on the shelf of a store when you see it. That’s what this app is for. When you use Seventeen Fashion Finder iPhone app, you can get all of the recommendations that Seventeen has to offer right in one place for easy access.


Use the system of favorites to remember what you like

Remembering what you like is a good way to ensure that you are able to purchase it later when you come across it in the store. For this reason, this iPhone Seventeen Fashion Finder app has a favorites system that will allow you to actually star all of the items that you find interesting. You can browse through all of the different categories and then press the star on the ones that you are interested in getting for yourself. Then, later on, you can display the products in question and then sort by favorites in order to see only the ones that you starred earlier on in the day.

Final Score

When all is said and done, Seventeen Fashion Finder iPhone mobile application receives a final score from us of 8 out of 10. It is a top iPhone app that will do all of the things mentioned above. However, what hampers it is the fact that the overall idea means that only the ideas in Seventeen can actually be presented on the lists. While that is fine, it is also somewhat restrictive. There are similar apps out there that appeal to a wider range of people that will receive slightly higher scores.

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