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iPhone Application Review

… Eventful App

If you like to keep abreast of what’s happening in entertainment in your local area, you need this app, called Eventful, now available to users of iPhone Mobile Phones. It will enable you to easily find out about everything that is happening, in the world of entertainment, in your local area.

This is ideal for people, like you, who enjoy spending an evening in a theater for live entertainment or at the local Cineplex where you can watch and enjoy the latest movie.

App Name: Eventful is the one app you can use, anytime, to find local events occurring at theaters and clubs in your town, city or suburb – wherever you live. This is great because it eliminates the need for a newspaper and the searching that takes place, often fruitless, to find out about a show or special event.

Summary: If you like to go out in the evening, whether you’re young and single, or you’re married and looking to spend time away from kids and responsibility with your spouse, this remarkable best app is for you.

You can use the Eventful app for iPhone, easily, to find out exactly what is going on at local clubs and theaters and which performers (maybe one of your favorites) are coming to town prepared to entertain you and your fellow theater-goers.

You get a lot in this one app: millions of events to choose from on any given day … schedules for all of the theaters and clubs in your area in which live entertainment takes place … even tour dates for an incredible 130,000 performers (so you will know when someone you want to see is coming to town).

You’ll also get tailored-to-your-likes e-mail notices about upcoming events and the ability to demand that your favorite performer schedules an event in your area. Better still, you’ll be able to participate in Eventful’s huge 6 million member community and use your iPhone to quickly and easily locate events near you. That’s convenience.

User Interaction: lets you keep track of events coming to your area – easily and reliably. You can even track what your friends like to do and share your likes with them.

User Interface:

Eventful App iPhone

puts everything you need and want to know about local entertainment and star performers right at your fingertips – in your always-available iPhone Mobile SmartPhone

Utility and Productivity: Eventful app, produced and made available by Eventful, Inc., is the iPhone equivalent of having your very own theater schedule and theater locator with you and ready-to-help whenever you need information.

Rating: (9.0 out of 10). This is a good app with limited appeal (interesting and useful primarily to regular theater-goers — live entertainment and movies). If that describes you, this easy-to-download application (you only need the latest version if iTunes) is a “must-have and one of the best apps.” Get it for yourself today:


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