Top 5 BlackBerry Apps for Realtors

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The BlackBerry could have been designed for the busy real estate agent as the realtor is always out of the office on appointments, needing to download e-mails and attachments with details for new houses coming on to the market, and needing to know how to get to each new location.  If you want to know which apps will prove most useful to you we have listed our top five here:

1. Google Maps

Of course this has to be near the top of the list, it has to be one of the best BlackBerry apps for the busy agent: it allows you to search and get access to all kinds of information and it can even give you directions to your next location.  Of course it can do so much more, like find you the nearest restaurant, shopping centre or gas station, so you can tell your clients where they can find the things they need.  One of the truly great apps and perfect to help you close that sale!

2. Homes for Sale

Using the GPS on your BlackBerry this is also one of the best apps there is for the realtor.  It was developed by J. Rockcliff Realtors and it helps you by sending information regarding the homes near to wherever you are.  You can get information on the price, size of the property and any land attached, the tax details, any photos and other relevant information.  No serious realtor can be without this award winning application, which can be downloaded for free at

3. Opera Mini

If you find yourself in an area where your browser isn’t working then you can use this function to get access to sites not designed for mobile access.  Some website designers just don’t seem to have realised how many people keep on top of their business from mobiles and are trying to view their websites so they haven’t built in the support yet.  So try using Opera Mini and you can zoom in and out, and jump to the area of the website you need.

4. Facebook

This may be a surprise, but actually a lot of businesses are using Facebook to spread the word about what they do, and to bring customers to them.  With a Facebook page you can upload pictures of new instructions, contact clients, and update information on recent sales.  You’ll be surprised how soon your contacts grow if you use this application and it could even help you get extra sales from people moving in to town from further afield, as they are more likely to find your business.  And you can easily check any updates and new messages from your BlackBerry.

5. Twitter

Again another surprising page, but if you update this page with information and fun facts then you may soon get a following.  So many people are using this site now and you never know where your next client will come from, so why not make the most of this simple to use technology.  If you are really savvy you could start a quiz of the month, or create a treasure trail with clues around your site, and the winner will get reduced fees on any sale instruction…why not?  Any new and innovative way you can bring people to your business is going to help keep you at the top and one step ahead of the competition.

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