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YouTube is of course one of those online websites that has revolutionized the internet with the web 2.0 push. There are many different pretenders to YouTube that have really not even made a dent in the online video market, but Wattpad is a site that is extremely underrated. It is like YouTube but for writing and as a result of that the BlackBerry community was very excited when they came out with a Wattpad BlackBerry app.

Get the content on your BlackBerry device

If you have been to Wattpad before, you know that it is probably the most popular YouTube-like website for written content. If you have not been there before and you are a fan of reading writing by others, you should definitely give this particular online website a try. In both cases, you can now benefit greatly from having Wattpad app for BlackBerry on your smart phone device. The reason for this is that now all of that content can be accessed on your mobile device and this gives you the chance to read through it all on your own time.

Lots and lots of content

Wattpad app for BlackBerry will give you access to over 200,000 different pieces of writing. Whether you are after novels, pieces of fan fiction, short stories, poetry or anything in between, you can easily use Wattpad to gain access to what you are looking for.

Final Score for Wattpad App for BlackBerry

Reading and enjoyment derived from reading does not have to be all about the name on the novel. People that don’t make money as authors can still be responsible for writing compelling poetry and prose and that is exactly what Wattpad app for BlackBerry proves. We love this BlackBerry application and have given Wattpad BlackBerry app our highest score of 10 out of 10 along with a strong download recommendation for anyone that loves leisure reading.

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