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Are you a fan of institutions like Us Weekly? Do you want to follow celebrities and what they do all the time? Are you completely addicted to the inner works of Hollywood? If you’ve answered any or all of these questions with a yes, you might want to take the time to review US Weekly iPhone App a lot closer.

All kinds of stuff on the move

The point of the US Weekly app for iPhone is to deliver you information while you are on the go. This means that you can take a closer look at celebrity stories while you are mobile and for most celebrity watchers that is definitely a point in favor of US Weekly iPhone app. With around the clock 24/7 access to all of the latest celebrity news and gossip as it becomes available, you can go right ahead and use Us Weekly iPhone application as your definitive source of mobile news on celebrities and all of their actions.

Lots of other features

The two main features that you will get from Us Weekly is the combination of news and views on celebrities. As every new story gets posted, you will get a chance immediately to access that story on your iPhone with Us Weekly app. Once you’ve done all of those things, you can go right ahead and use Us Weekly for the iPhone to follow the power at every chance that you get. This kind of access to information at such a quick speed is very impressive and that is why you should definitely consider using it whenever you get the chance.

In addition to these main features though, Us Weekly app for iPhone will give you the chance to look at photographs of all of your favorite celebrities.

Final Score for the iPhone US Weekly app

iPhone US Weekly app is an interesting mobile application because it really does cater well to a very specific audience. If you match the descriptions in the introduction, you will probably end up absolutely loving US Weekly iPhone app. Once you’ve had a chance to review it for free though, you can definitely better make that decision. For now, we will leave this app with a final score of 7 out of 10

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