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People familiar with the dual language Italian and English sports media will recognize the name Gazzetta dello Sport. For many people, this name is synonymous with being the one-stop source of information for all things related to sports in general and particularly the football news that they find necessary for daily life. Football (soccer) is the favourite sport of the world and Gazzetta dello Sport app for BlackBerry is where you can get your information about what is going on with this sport.

All of the information that you need to stay informed on current events

You can start your experience with Gazzetta dello Sport BlackBerry app by taking a look at the breaking news section of the app. This section will let you know at a glance what the most important news stories are at the moment so that you can always stay relatively well informed just by taking a look at this one section of the BlackBerry application.

If you decide that you’d like to go a little deeper, you can get all kinds of extra information as well. You can look at all of the scores from the Serie A and B leagues in Italy. Additionally, you can get information on the Premier League in England as well as important football leagues all over Europe. Countries like Germany and France are readily represented in terms of the news stories that you can get on this BlackBerry app.

Make this app your own

In addition to just being an app about sporting information, Gazzetta dello Sport BlackBerry application will give you the chance to customize a few features of your experience. You can put your favorite team from Serie A or B onto the display and get customized information based on the selections that you make. You can even save keyword searches to get the news that you want delivered right to your handheld BlackBerry device. Finally, you can pick and choose articles to save offline so that you can read them later on when you might not have access to an internet connection.

Final Score Gazzetta Dello Sport BlackBerry App

Gazzetta dello Sport app for BlackBerry is a sweet online application that will give you access to a lot of useful information. By the same token, we wish that this app had something a bit more than just news and views as this is the 21st century. Overall though, Gazzetta dello Sport BlackBerry app is still a very good BlackBerry sports application with a final score of 7 out of 10.

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