EyeFilter PRO – Bluelight Android App Review

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Our smart phone is like an inseparable companion in our daily lives. It has indeed made our lives quite simple by making a lot of tasks easier. However, that convenience is not entirely without demerits. One of the biggest disadvantages of the smart phone is the light. Studies have shown that looking at smart phone for a prolonged period of time can harm the eyes. Thankfully, now you have an app called EyeFilter PRO- Bluelight for Android. The app aims makes it easy to use the phone without harming the eyes. The app costs $0.99 to download from Google Play.


Prolonged exposure to the bluelight from your smart phone can lead to some serious illness such as insomnia. EyeFilter PRO for Android protects your eyes from the blue light by creating a virtual filter in your screen. The app comes with an easy ‘ON/OFF’ button. The app doesn’t drain the battery much and hence you can keep it own for a prolonged period of time. The app comes with a widget which can be use to adjust the opacity and few other settings for the app. You can choose from a number of themes for getting that unique feel. You can also change the notification comment as well as the icon of the app.


Choose between 5 different types of filters, based on your eyesight.
Prevent others from peeping onto your screen by adjusting the opacity.
The app is just 1.3 MB.


EyeFilter PRO Bluelight for Android is a useful app for people who use their smart phone for long hours, especially in low light conditions. It helps you to use your phone without worrying about damaging the eyes. So, get the app today and protect your eyes.

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