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Linelight for iPhone is a fun puzzle about lines. Originally available on PC and PS4, the game is all about timing and precision in your movement. Its puzzles will awake your mind as the music flows through your body, gifting you a soft, relaxing euphoria. The best part is that the game is suitable for people of all ages. You can download Linelight app for $1.99 from iTunes App Store.

What is it about?

In Linelight for iPhone, you got to guide the bar of light with your finger and traverse through pipes, switches, and other hazards while attempting to avoid the red light beams. As you play, you traverse through six worlds and over 200 unique puzzles, each new world loaded with variety and depth, a curious series of discoveries and surprise. A feast awaits any players looking for secrets and greater challenges. Each puzzle in Linelight for iPhone can be solved by knowing the right sequence of events. It is a logical puzzle that requires you to think before you act. The game is perfect for players of any age. Movement is your only interaction. Whether you’ve played hundreds of games or this is your first, Linelight will provide you an intuitive and rewarding experience. You’ll make long-term friends along your journey. You’ll learn how to cooperate and overcome obstacles together. It might sound a bit strange. But you will develop a relationship with bars of light without exchanging a word.

The graphics, though minimalistic, is sharp and beautiful. There is nothing more than lines and their animations. The soothing and energizing soundtrack sets the perfect mood for you to solve the puzzles. Performance wise, Linelight game is found to be slick and responsive. It requires iOS 7.0+.

Final Take

Linelight for iPhone is a fun yet challenging puzzle wherein you guide a beam of while avoiding red light beams. The different worlds provide the much needed variety. There are enough puzzles to keep you entertained for minutes on end, if not hours. The puzzles get tougher as you progress. The graphics and animations are decent, while the soundtrack is relaxing. People of all ages can enjoy the game. The app is also stable. Check it out if you’re looking for a puzzle game built on a fresh concept.

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