F18 Carrier Landing App for Android Review

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F18 Carrier Landing app is a flight simulator game for Android, wherein you attempt to land an F18 Hornet on a flight deck without crashing. F18 Carrier Landing Android app can be downloaded for $1.03 from Google Play.

How F18 Carrier Landing App Works?

In F18 Carrier Landing Game app for Android, you use a combination of screen controls and your smart phone’s accelerometer to land an F18 Hornet either on an aircraft carrier or on an airstrip in an air base. Landing on a flight deck is one of the most difficult maneuvers a navy pilot has to perform, given the meager 150m of runway space they get on an aircraft carriers’ deck. Thanks to the app’s excellent 3D graphics, you’ll feel the same pinch when you attempt to touchdown the aircraft on your device’s screen.

F18 Carrier Landing App for Android

However, F18 Carrier Landing application is not about landing alone. There are missions (six of them) that you have to undertake, plus free/random landing levels with advanced weather conditions settings (wind, rain, fog) and different scenarios (day, dawn, overcast, night). While flying your plane, you can toggle between cockpit view and external view, depending upon which gives you a better sense of direction. The best part of F18 Carrier Landing gaming app is its amazing 3D graphics. On a high resolution screen, it looks just awesome. The file size of 15 MB is on a higher side. But then the app is intended for higher end handsets. Compared with other apps, another plus with F18 Carrier Landing is that you don’t have to purchase additional game packs anytime. The app comes as a complete unit.

F18 Carrier Landing works with Android versions 2.1 and above. The game also has a free version, with limited number of features, termed F18 Carrier Landing Lite.

Final Thoughts

F18 Carrier Landing app for Android is a fun as well as challenging flight simulator game that you’ll enjoy playing while waiting at the airport lounge for your flight or traveling back home in the tube after work. It is easy to learn, but not so to master. And that is exactly where the fun element lies. It keeps you engaged. Verdict: You won’t ever regret shelling out $1.03 for F18 Carrier Landing.

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