Real Steel App for Android Review

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Real Steel app for Android is a Mortal Kombat like underworld fighting game set in the near future, wherein 2,000 pound robots fight in a no-hold barred battle to the death. If you enjoy doing one-to-one club style fights on your console, this game is for you. Your objective is to beat Midas and unlock eight unique robots. Real Steel app for Android can be downloaded for a nominal $2.99 per license. One downside is that Real Steel may not work in low end smart phones with lower processing power. The game requires higher end handsets.

How Real Steel Game is played?

Real Steel game app for Android is basically for those who love Mortal Kombat style fights. In the game, either you can play the “Tournament Mode”, wherein you pick one robot and fight your way to the finals. In this mode, each robot will be tougher to beat than the last, and it is where the real fun lies. Alternatively, you can opt to have your own robot, and fight in a quick sparring match against your favorite opponents. This is called the ‘Free Sparring Mode’. The latter suits those who want to enjoy an occasional dose of Mortal Combat fight to kill boredom amid work or during lunch break.

Real Steel App for Android

On a sensitive capacitive touch screen, playing Real Steel is a breeze, even though winning a fight does not come any easy. You control your robot via an on-screen Dpad and a four button controller (punch left, punch right, block, and special hit). The graphics is realistic, though a bit heavy. Also, you have to download quite a bit as the app itself is 32MB and an additional game pack brings another 60 MB. Clearly, the game is not suited for handsets with low memory and mediocre processors.

Final Thoughts

Real Steel Android app is fun to play, if you love fighter games. The game is challenging enough, and that’ll keep you glued to the screen throughout the game play. The graphics part stands out, so are the sound effects. Thos who want to get a feel of the game first may try out the free version (Real Steel Free) before shelling out $2.99 for the full version. Real Steel Game application works with Android versions 2.1 and above.

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