Fantastical App for iPhone Review

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Fantastical app for iPhone might be the most intuitive calendar app you got in iTunes at the moment. It got all the typical calendar app functions, plus its own innovative features that makes scheduling a lot faster and easier job for the users. Fantastical can be downloaded for $2.99 from iTunes App Store.

Fantastical App Features

Fantastical app for iPhone stands out in two areas: the way you enter your event data and the way info is delivered. The app’s powerful natural language function makes it possible to enter event data by simply speaking to the app. For example, say or type in something like ‘meet Robert at 3pm to 4pm on Friday’ and the app automatically schedules a meeting with Robert in the 3pm-4pm slot on the calendar.

The second standout feature of Fantastical app for iPhone is DayTicker. It is a unique scrollable horizontal menu of five days that can be navigated by swiping. If you got too many events scheduled, even the typical month view can get cumbersome. DayTicker attempts to solve this dilemma. And it works great. The colored dots indicate events. Keep in mind, the longer the bubble, the longer the event. Further, the tiny dots that represent events are displayed in a ‘horizontal chronological order’, meaning those on the left is the first scheduled event for the day, while the ones to the right takes place later in the day.

Fantastical App for iPhone

Apart from its core features, there are little bits of innovative features in DayTicker worth mentioning. For example, you can tap on a particular day to scroll to it; to go back to ‘today’, simply tap on the title bar; if you’ve arrived at the end of a month, DayTicker will indicate the same with a tiny piece of torn paper. The magnifying glass feature of DayTicker is useful. But you are not forced to use the horizontal calendar anytime; just pull down to access the traditional calendar view. You can also make the standard calendar view your default choice in settings.

Last but not the least, Fantastical iPhone application got a useful search feature to search your events.

Final Thoughts

Fantastical app for iPhone is feature-rich enough to outclass its competitors hands down. The app makes scheduling a lot faster and intuitive, thanks to its fantastic natural language engine. The DayTicker is a revelation to say the least. On the downside, the app lacks an option to have multiple alerts. Verdict: The app attempts to fill the voids in the stock calendar app and it does it in style. Must have!

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