Awesome Files App for iPhone Review

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Awesome Files app for iPhone provides an intuitive and effortless way to manage documents, multimedia files, and other objects directly on your iPhone. It is just the perfect tool for those who wish to keep their important documents and media at their fingertips anytime/anywhere. And the app works seamlessly across all iOS devices. Awesome Files comes at a price tag of $4.99, which in fact is a tad high.

Awesome Files App Features

Awesome Files app for iPhone let you create, edit, import, manage and share your favorite documents and media files easily. You can organize everything with rename, copy/paste, and cut your files however you want, giving you greater control over your work. Just hit the ‘add’ button to add note as text, or sketch whereas simply drag a box to select one or multiple files for moving, renaming, transferring, deleting or simply any other action involving files.

Archiving files is child’s play. You can create and unpack .zip files in no time. The simpler compression technique used by Awesome Files application is effective and it saves time. Further, you can download files from the web for offline access and instantly integrate them with Awesome Files’ management utilities. The app facilitates device-to-device file transfer, provided both the devices are connected to the same WiFi network. Similarly, you can transfer files to and from a computer with iTunes with ease. Also it is possible to transfer photos to and from your library to Awesome Files for iPhone.

Awesome Files App for iPhone

The overall user friendliness of Awesome Files iPhone app can be attributed to its intuitive controls and user friendly interface. You only need to tap to open files and folders, swipe to navigate back and forth, and drag two fingers to select multiple files. The app comes with a detailed tutorial in the form of a slide show that gives an intro of the various features of Awesome Files for iPhone. Awesome Files is compatible with iOS versions 4.3 or higher.


Awesome Files app for iPhone breathes life into the file management and sharing features that the iPhone has been traditionally lacking at. The app is easy to use, its multitude of features notwithstanding. Intuitive controls let you move seamlessly through the app, while its user friendly interface impresses you with its simplicity. The help tutorial comes handy to new users. Verdict: a useful file manager application for your iPhone, despite its seemingly higher $4.99 price tag.

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