Geometry Stash App for iPhone Review

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Geometry Stash app for iPhone is a huge repository of geometric theorems, formulas and postulates. It frees you from having to search through the pages of your math text book to find the commonly-used theorems/postulates. The app lists all the theorems/formulas/postulates, complete with text and diagrams explaining what it means and everything are clearly labeled for easy comprehension. Geometry Stash iPhone app can be downloaded for a nominal $1.99.

Geometry Stash App Features

Geometry Stash app for iPhone does not solve you any math problems. But what it does is give you ready access to theories and postulates that you might need to find a solution to a math problem. The interface catalogues the contents alphabetically with the top third of the iPhone screen is the rolling index while the bottom half featuring the information pertaining to the term, diagrams, description, term no./conclusion and converse, if applicable. You can also search for your terms, and the app displays the results as you type, as in Google. The auto complete feature comes more than handy.

The best part of Geometry Stash iPhone app is its apparent ease of use. There is no complex controls involved; simply tap on the theorem or postulate you wish to know more about and the same will appear on the screen. Further, you can hide (or show) a theorem by just tapping the bottom bar or shaking your iPhone. The app also got a feature that let you mirror diagrams onto an external display or projector, if required to use it in a classroom setting. Last but not the least, Geometry Stash for iPhone works in both portrait and landscape modes seamlessly. And it is a universal app as well, meaning the same app works for both iPhone and iPad.

Geometry Stash iPhone application is designed to work with iOS versions 3.0 or higher.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in high school, preparing for GMAT, or a teacher, Geometry Stash for iPhone might come a lot handy. It is quite easy to use, and certainly beats the conventional flashcard mode of learning. With the iPhone Geometry Stash app, you’re just a tap away from the commonly-used theorems and postulates. You can also search by names. Video-out to an external display/projector makes it useful in a classroom type of setting. To sum it up, a useful math tool for students, teachers, and geometry buffs out there. Try it out if you’re one of them!

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