Face Fix App for Android Review

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Mobile phone cameras, save those on high-end phones, rarely captures great photos. Hence most times, you got to do some bit of editing to make it reasonably presentable. Face Fix app for Android is one such app that let you prop-up your pictures easily, with couple of taps, and share it with others via Facebook. Face Fix Android app can be downloaded for a nominal $0.99 from Google Play Store.

Face Fix App Features

Face Fix app for Android is a handy photo-editing application. It got multiple features to touch up your photos. For example, if you use flash, the photos might get a ‘red eye’ and using Face Fix for Android, you can remove it in few seconds. You just slide the picture around and zoom in so that the target is over the eye, and press the ‘eye’ icon. The red eye is gone! Further, Face Fix automatically finds any red bits and changes the color for you, so you don’t need an exact match with the target. Using the slider at the bottom of the screen, you can set he target size as you think is fit.

You can zoom in/out using pinch zoom, if your phone supports the same, or make use of the buttons on the screen. It is also quite easy to remove blemishes from the photo; simply move the picture around and zoom, then adjust the target size, and click the ‘target’ icon. The app will hide the blemishes. Another notable feature is the ability to ‘squeeze’ your picture. Yes, you can make the image appear slightly thinner and taller with the squeeze function. Just perfect to fool your friends! Typical of photo editing apps, you can undo/redo changes anytime. Once you finish editing, you can save it to your SD card and then share to other apps such as email, MMS, Twitter or Facebook.

Face Fix Android app is designed to be used straightaway. But if you want more customization, you can go ahead and change the detailed settings that include red eye detection, icon transparency and image quality. Face Fix is compatible with Android OS versions 2.1 and upwards.


Face Fix app for Android is an easy to use photo editing application with lots of handy little features. The squeeze feature that let you make photos thinner or taller is noteworthy. SNS integration comes handy to share your photos post-editing in couple of taps. Verdict: A decent photo-edit app that is worth a try.

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